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We Love Happy Animals at Vapaws.org

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Hi! We are Vapaws.org, and to say that I love animals is an understatement. Seeing a dog wag its tail uncontrollably when you come into the house or room cannot help but give you a loving, warm feeling from head to toe. Wagging its tail is one of the ways that dogs show that they are happy.

Now, did you know that some dogs, especially larger ones, can wag their tails so hard that they actually hurt them? Especially if they “smack” their tails on objects around them. This can result in something called “Happy Tail Syndrome.” This may sound light-hearted, but it can be a very painful condition for a dog.

It’s a real syndrome too, not just something I made up; it also goes by the name “kennel tail” and “splitting tail.” One of my friends has an adorable pittie who just loves every single person he meets. He developed Happy Tail Syndrome, and they treated the “split” in his tail for weeks, but it just wouldn’t heal.

They finally had to “dock” his tail (which is another word for removing it), which is exactly what it sounds like. He is healing nicely, but now he has a short stub of a tail – but the great news is that he is still a total wiggle butt!

I wish we humans could all learn to love the way our wonderful animal friends and companions do: unconditionally! It would be a far more wonderful world, wouldn’t it?

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